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classicist in training.

agent of shield.



game of thrones



reading: hawkeye. young avengers. black widow. ms marvel. we. the planet of the apes.

watching: agents of shield. gotham. american horror story. how to get away with murder. things in which seb stan cries a lot.

current writing projects: let me live that fantasy. last night's dress. hrbb 14. polybang. got fic exchange. prompts.

current graphics projects: another meme i won't finish


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they aren’t easy to do. My sister who is like professional helped me do mine and make it look impressive. It’s easier to do when you have a specific job you’re applying for. at least i find it is.

yeah yeah this is for the career fair, so like idk what will even be there, but i really need a job once i graduate so im gonna be like “here take my resume please like me okay”

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OKAY, i’m going to message you my email, send me what you have so far. do you have anything so far? if not, i’ll send you a list of what you need to know and we’ll go from there.

you re truly a blessling okay. and haha okay maybe a list might be good - i know i need like my prior work experience buuut other than that??

i’m 98% sure they have free websites where you put in your info and they generate one for you

reallllly? okay yeah i need to go find one of those now!

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theres a career fair tomorrow, and they told me to bring my resume to give to different booths or whatever, and im like how do i even- what what *rolls around on the floor and cries*

There’s something remarkably magical about a privileged 30+ white man complaining about his dress by calling it a nightmare 

I don’t do boyfriends

Haven’t you heard the word of your body? (x)


thinking about ur otps napping is SO IMPORTANT. Does one protectively shush anyone who comes near their sleeping partner. Does one come home to find the other sleeping on the floor under a table or curled in a corner. Does the partner wake them up and move them to some place more comfortable or do they roll their eyes and cover them with a blanket whatever weird place they are. Do their roommates come home to find them both tangled in impossible positions and marvel at how they are somehow asleep. Who gets really emotional the first time they fall asleep together. Who drools on the other one’s chest. Who wakes up with the other’s hair in their nose. these are the necessary questions. 

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JESS GO EAT SOMETHING NOW TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF that reminds me I need to get something to drink

ughhh see the problem is, i need to go grocery shopping. but i dont get paid till tomorrow- so all i have to eat are things that take like 30-40 min to make, or hot pockets. and i dont want a hot pocket ): 

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i should be eating or working on my resume right now, and i am doing neither.

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